Meeting  Bursaries

The provision of bursary funding is to help relieve potential financial burdens faced by eligible contributing participants.

Bursaries are offered on a competitive basis for in-person presenters and also for those accessing the event virtually.

These funds are administered on the basis of supporting reasonable partial costs where there is proven need, and monies will be handled on a reimbursement basis.


Please refer to the text and document below for further information.

Our Bursaries


Details of eligibility and support to apply for are included in the bursary application form.
The bursary application period has now closed. In the first instance, where needed please consider alternate institutional or learned society funding sources - some ideas for which are listed below.


Applicants for meeting access bursaries are reminded that these monies are administered on a reimbursement basis upon the presentation of receipts during or after the event. If raised during an application for bursary support, exceptional cases of financial hardship where reimbursement may not be practical may be considered and discussed.








We are thankful to the Science and Technologies Facilities Council, the Royal Astronomical Society, and the European Association of Geochemistry for support of meeting access bursaries to help with reasonable costs incurred by eligible delegates presenting work at the inaugural Forming and Exploring Habitable Worlds meeting as well as eligible participants of the retreat.


External Funds

Please plan ahead. Potential delegates are, in the first instance, encouraged to access meeting attendance monies where available to them on active grants or funded studentships. Where this is not possible interested parties may be eligible to access meeting attendance funds via some professional societies such as those linked below (and more widely):

Where external bursary schemes may currently be closed potential applicants could consider contacting the administering body to enquire as to a possible re-opening date. This list is by no means exhaustive and interested parties should consult with the intuitions or professional bodies of which they are members, or converse with supervisors, mentors, and supportive colleagues to enquire about possible alternative meeting attendance funds.