Public Event

Tuesday 8th November 2022.
Held at the John McIntyre Conference Centre.
On the grounds of Edinburgh University's Pollock Halls.
18 Holyrood Park Rd, Edinburgh EH16 5AY.

Chair to the
Public Event

Prof. Catherine Heymans
Astronomer Royal for Scotland.
University of Edinburgh.
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh. 

And Director, German Centre for Cosmological Lensing, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany.



Catherine Heymans.png

6.30 pm

For under-14 year olds and others

Interactive and entertaining exploration of other worldly subjects!

What is a planet? What is life?
What does a planet need to support life?
Are we alone?

Fun times with the science of space! Please ask lots of questions!


Please arrive so as to be seated by ~6.20 pm.

7.45 pm

Public Lecture
for all ages.

Our Future in Space

What is out there? Where might we go?

What should we do in space?

Distinguished Professor Chris Impey 
University of Arizona, USA.   Website


Giving a talk loosely based on his popular book:
“Beyond: Our Future In Space”

Please ask questions!

Prof. Impey is an accomplished scientist who has been awarded various marks of esteem for his research, teaching, public engagement and service to science.

Prof. Impey has some ties to the local
area because, some years ago, he 
studied at the University of Edinburgh
to earn his Ph.D.

Please arrive so as to be seated by ~7.35 pm.

Chris impey public talk.png