Publishing Projects Accompanying this Meeting

There are focused publishing / book projects associated with the Forming and Exploring Habitable Worlds meeting. These projects include works of popular science for children and adults of the general public as well as academic texts for readers with high-level interests in planetary science and space policy.

The full range of works ultimately arising from the meeting and collaborations that it may spark are likely to be published over time in additional forums of the authors' choosing.



This advanced-level standalone reference book is underway with print anticipated for late-2022 ahead of the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union. This book has a strong yet multi-disciplinary planetary science focus pertaining to the pre-cursors of life and the origin(s) of habitable worlds. This book also identifies the usefulness of this knowledge for sustainability on Earth, while presenting the current status and routes forward with regard to ethical practices / legal constraints during the further exploration of space and potential development of civilsations on other worlds. 

Editor: Amy J. V. Riches

Are we alone in the universe? If not where is extraterrestrial life to be found and is it like us? Is Earth a one-off, or are there other planets like it? The illustrated children’s book under development focuses on Ali, an Alien who has crash landed on Earth and – with the help of a new human friend, Max (a young girl) – is searching for his home world. This standalone work is positioned to explore the exciting concepts of what makes extraterrestrial life possible, the nature of worlds in and beyond our home Solar System, and the tools that have to be used to search for habitable planets beyond Earth. It is now the space age, we must all be ready to explore!

Author:  Amy J. V. Riches

Illustrator: Alexandra LeFort


gca cover.jpg

The above title relates to a Special Issue of Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta provides a forum for the publication of research arising from this meeting. This volume shall accommodate roughly 16 high-quality and original research articles whose findings are of broad significance.

Editors: Amy J. V. Riches and a selected team of Guest Editors and existing GCA Associate Editors. Hence, there are opportunities for selected members of the community to hold a role of responsibility and gain editorial experience through this project.


Tracing Planetary Formation and Evolution, and the Dynamics of the Early Solar System

This book project will accommodate high-level reviews, shall begin around the time of the specialist meeting “Forming and Exploring Habitable Worlds“, and will be a topic of discussion during that event. To deliver this challenging and exciting project, I have gained a provisional agreement with the specialist Space Science Series of Arizona University Press. This ~900 page book is anticipated to be ready for- or in print in mid-2025.

Editors: Amy J. V. Riches and one other.


The Early Solar System and the Building of Planets