Retreat to Gartmore House

To Inspire, Train, and Empower.

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The optional and all-inclusive two to three night retreat / short-course at the conclusion of the meeting will be held at the charitable trust of Gartmore House, which is sited in the beautiful and peaceful countryside of Stirlingshire with its dark skies or those interested in stargazing. This retreat involves the transfer of delegates from Edinburgh to Gartmore House during Friday 11th November 2022, with departure for delegates including transfer of delegates to the rail station in Stirling on the morning of Monday 14th November 2022.

Approximately 30 to 35 people shall be accommodated in the main house, which includes broad corridors and a lift to support accessibility. Early career researchers and those on soft money / insecure contracts are strongly encouraged to attend and those awarded bursaries for this purpose will be given priority. Some information on per person cost for the retreat can be found alongside meeting registration fees.

This short-course will help to foster new professional partnerships, identify collaborative opportunities for the short-, mid-, and longer-term, all while developing transferable skills and referencing approaches to raising and maintaining funding. Included among the retreat's activities is a specialist CV clinic. The retreat will also feature an exploration of a range of career pathways via informal discussions and presentations with those in various roles and among diverse leaders in the planetary sciences.

Themes to connect with through the retreat

  • Science Communication and Outreach
    Focusing on the development of skills for communicating research to the general public, including approaches to science writing and the creation of other engaging resources / materials for a range of settings and age-groups.

  • Private Sector Opportunities
    Activities and talks will explore subjects of shared interest and (academic-adjacent) job opportunities available outside of universities while emphasising the types of professional abilities and knowledge that are valued.

  • Government and Policy
    This theme will look at how research is turned into policy and how policy directs research (e.g. through funding opportunities) as well as exploring the experience, collaboration, and employment opportunities in these areas.


At a pragmatic level, Gartmore House includes activity rooms and the lounge ( that shall accommodate formal and informal discussions providing beneficial training to advance professional knowledge and skills. The meeting's ethos and conduct of conduct applies to the retreat, and all requirements among delegates and other measures put in place by the meeting's team to ensure COVID safety will extend to this forum.

For those who live locally, a few people may be accommodated at the retreat on the basis of day attendance only.

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