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Rail or Bus

Edinburgh is Scotland's capital city and as such is connected to a number of major rail lines, generally via Waverley Station.


Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels and Köln are all served by Eurostar connections to London St Pancras, which is 100 metres across the road from London Kings Cross, for a 4-5 hour fast train to Edinburgh Waverley.

Caledonian Sleepers offer an overnight sleeper train from London Euston (approx 23:00) to Edinburgh (approx. 07:00) which is well recommended. For those on a limited budget it offers much cheaper seated accommodation.


Trains go to and from Edinburgh Waverley and Glasgow in 50 minutes. There are direct train services or connections to all other Scottish cities, Manchester, and along the east coast mainline that travels through many stations including but not limited to Doncaster, York, and Newcastle.

Train tickets can be booked via:

Waverley Railway Station is centrally located in the city, sandwiched in a valley between Old and New Towns. An escalator takes you to Princes Street for most of Edinburgh’s buses and the tram. The airport bus stop is also next to the station, on Waverley Bridge.


In the west of Edinburgh (a little distant from the conference centre), Haymarket station sits only 5 minutes from Waverley on the Glasgow and Aberdeen lines. Haymarket has many connections with buses all over the city and tram and express buses to the airport.

For those that may wish to travel between cities within the UK by bus, National Express can provide for good value travel options. 

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Road and Cycle

Those taking pleasure in cycling to the meeting, or during their time in Edinburgh, should wear appropriate safety equipment and visibility jackets while being mindful of conditions in November. Information can be found through the following websites:

Edinburgh is very well-connected if travelling by road.

  • from the south use the A1 from Berwick or A702 from Carlisle.

  • from the west  use the M8 or M9.

  • from the north via the Queensferry Crossing use the M90 and M9.

  • Upon approaching Edinburgh, please be aware that the most straightforward route is to join the A720 City of Edinburgh Bypass, and take the A7 Old Dalkeith Road exit at the Sheriffhall Roundabout going towards the City Centre. Continue straight for approximately 3 miles. Just past the Royal Commonwealth Pool at the lights, turn right onto Holyrood Park Road. Salisbury Green and Masson House are at the second turning on the right. The John McIntyre Conference Centre is a few hundred metres away from this accommodation; the buildings are sign posted in this area.

  • There is limited on-site parking at on a first-come first-served basis. In the rush hours, expect delays to enter the bypass from the M9, A8 and A1, and at the Sheriffhall roundabout.

By Sea

DFDS run a daily overnight ferry from Amsterdam to Newcastle. Upon arrival in Newcastle there is a connecting bus to Newcastle Central railway station where travellers can connect with regular trains to Edinburgh, itself a 2.5 hour part of your journey with picturesque sections close to the coast. 

For passenger ferry times from Amsterdam please refer to

There are also ferries between Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Cairnryan, Scottish mainland. Information can be accessed at and

Many of Scotland's Islands connect with the mainland through local ferry routes. Information on these ferry times and their COVID-safety rules is found at

All those considering travel by ferry should be mindful of weather conditions at sea during their planned travel dates.

As the meeting is taking place in Edinburgh during November it is unlikely that sailing tour operators will be operating at that time of year. During good summer weather it is possible for interested people to join tall ship sailing tours that visit the volcanic Faroe islands on the journey between Scotland and Reykjavík, Iceland.

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By Air

Edinburgh is well served by an international airport with flights to many locations across Europe, with several budget as well as major international airlines.

Edinburgh airport has a tram to Haymarket and Princes Street (until 22:45) in 40 mins, and the Airlink 100 bus service (24 hours) to Waverley station via Haymarket and Princes Street in 30 minutes. There are three other express bus services to different parts of the city. A taxi from the airport will cost around £25-30 to the centre.

  • Please see for further information.

  • Please keep in mind all COVID travel advice and be sure to strictly adhere to any isolation periods based on the country you depart from and/or international connections that you make.

  • When happy with the information available to you, please use flight booking websites that are familiar to you. 


If you can not find a direct flight to Edinburgh airport, consider Glasgow airport (with an express bus link to Edinburgh) and Newcastle airport (metro link to Newcastle Central station for trains to Edinburgh Waverley in 2.5 hours).


If you fly to any of the five London airports, consider taking a train onwards from Kings Cross to Edinburgh.

Please offset your carbon.

Trams and other city transport

Lothian Region buses have an extensive and reliable service all over the city, many routes now operate with electric buses.

 £1.80 is the standard adult one-trip fare. Contactless is the best way to pay for travel on  the buses . A day pass costs £4.40, but does not include the airport buses. All young people and children aged 5-21 years who are resident in Scotland can apply for a card from 10 January 2022 to access the Young Persons’ (Under 22s) Free Bus Travel Scheme

If catching a bus to the conference venue or adjacent accommodation from Waverley Station / Princes Street, please be sure take a bus on the shops side of the street and that is heading toward the Royal Commonwealth Pool on Dalkeith Road. The conference centre or adjacent accomodation is a short walk down Holyrood Park Road from the bus stop.

  • Lothian Buses: Nos 2, 14, 30, 33. 

  • Munro: 51/52 from North Bridge.

A good deal of further information about travel options within Edinburgh and the local area is available here:



A taxi from the taxi rank at St. Andrew Square Bus Station, or from the rank on Princess Street by Waverley Train Station, to the conference centre or adjacent accommodation  will cost approximately £8 and take 5-10 minutes.

Should visitors require taxis during their stay there are a number of Edinburgh taxi companies. Uber services operate too.